Nail Designs Using Two Colors 2017 2018 Best Cars Reviews Two Color Nail Polish Designs
Nail Designs Using Two Colors 2017 2018 Best Cars Reviews Two Color Nail Polish Designs

Iconic Two Color Nail Polish Designs

[SANDI] Hey! It’s Sandi! And in today’s website, Hannah will be showing you an updated website on how to paint your nails perfectly at home! She’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to nail that perfect manicure! Don’t forget to hit that like button and comment so you don’t miss any of our upcoming nail websites. [HANNAH] Hi! Its Hannah! Let’s start with step 1, which is removing any old nail polish and cleansing the nail of excess oils with nail polish remover. [🎶] [🎶] For step 2, use a high grit nail buffer to give your nails a buff for a smooth surface.

This will help the polish to go on smoother without any bumps and it’s totally OK to give your nails a light buff every once in a while. Wipe the nails with a cotton ball to remove any dust. [🎶] Next, apply a good base coat to help your manicure last longer and protect your nails from staining. [🎶] Apply liquid latex as close to your nails as possible. This is a great trick if your hands are really shaky and you get nail polish around your skin and cuticles or when you paint your non-dominant hand. [🎶] Step 5 is to use a liquidy nail polish. If yours is old and thick and is just not applying well, grab some nail polish thinner and apply a couple of drops into the bottle and it should help restore it. [🎶] Begin applying the polish to the nail by first doing a stroke down the middle, then, to one side, the other side and then, blending it in. [🎶] Do the same thing for the second coat [🎶] and don’t forget to cap the free edge. [🎶] Now remove the liquid latex. I’ve had a lot of practice so I don’t usually need the latex, but you can use this trick if you tend to get the polish on your skin. Also, take a small brush and remover to perfect the polish line by the cuticle. This will help the manicure look clean and neat. [🎶] For step 8, apply a fast-drying top coat to all of your nails. [🎶] Spray a nail dryer to decrease the chances of you denting or smudging your manicure because this will help it dry faster. I learned about O. P. I’s RapiDry when I worked backstage at New York Fashion Week; and it’s awesome! For the last step, apply cuticle oil once your nails are totally dry to moisturize your cuticles. [🎶] That does it for this website! I really hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to click the info card at the top right-hand of the screen for more websites on CutePolish. And if you’d like to check out my personal nail channel, then click the link in the description! Thanks for reading! Bye! (POP! POP! POP!).

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