Toenail Art Design Pink And Black Toes Dise O De U As De Pies Toe Nail Polish Designs
Toenail Art Design Pink And Black Toes Dise O De U As De Pies Toe Nail Polish Designs

29 Sensational Toe Nail Polish Designs

Hi all! I’m gonna show you how to do a pedicure how to apply nail polish on your feet and how to make a nail art design. First, with the help of some cotton and nail polish remover, I remove my previous nail polish. Without forgetting the small corners like the cuticles.

Not to damage my nail polish, I use a glove. Now I use a toe separator. All the tools used in this blog can be found on the www. LM-Comestic. com Then I use moisturizing oil to soften the skin and the cuticles. And to help them to grow better. Then I use a pedicure stick to push back my cuticles. I use the other side of the stick to scrape cuticle, to remove dead skin. And to clean under the nails. If needed, add some more oil and let the product do its job for a few seconds so that it softens your skin. Then I use the softer side of a foot file to file the areas where I have dry and hard skin. I first use the white side then the darker side. Then I cut my nails with a clipper and I file my nails in a round shape. You can even just file your nails if you don’t want to cut them. To avoid ingrown nail, it’s important to cut them straight. And then file the corners to round the edges just like I’m doing. Never cut your foot nails round! Then I use a thin file. It is easier to pass it under the nails than a large one. So I file the corners. Then I prepare my nails before I apply the nail polish. I wash them with soap and a brush. Then with a cloth I dry my nails. To help the base coat stick, I polish my nails. Start off with the black side of the nail shiner, then the white side and finally the grey side. Right then I apply the base coat just like for a manicure. And then I apply nail polish leaving a space of about 1 mm from the cuticle. To do the corners, just hold your skin and blow on it so it dries faster. Don’t forget the edges, like I’m doing here. If the nail polish goes on your skin, just use the cuticle stick to remove it before it dries. Just like for a manicure, I will apply two coats. So I apply a first coat, I let it dry and then I apply another coat. You can either stop here Or make the hydration care like you’ll see at the end of this blog Or you can continue with a nail art that I will show you. To do so, I will use the LM Cosmetic stencil I apply the stencil keeping it tilted a bit. Btw do that only when your nail polish is dry Or else it will turn into a disaster when you’ll remove it. Then I apply white nail polish on the area where I haven’t applied the stencil. And before the nail polish dries, I remove the stencil slowly. In order not to waste the stencil on the other nails. I make a kind of tilted French manicure.

It doesn’t matter if the toe nail art looks absolutely perfect since people don’t usually take a close look at it. It doesn’t really matter if it is not too well done. Then I use a glitter liner to markout the French manicure. And then on the white side of the nail, I apply a flower sticker. Here it is! The nail art design is done! Now I let it dry and just like a manicure, I apply my top coat. And before doing the last step, I let the top coat dry. When it is dry, it’s good to moisturize the cuticles that have been through the polishing and the file. So I apply the cuticle oil on it. Then with a moisturizing cream, I moisturize the damaged area of my feet. Here is it! This is how to have beautiful feet for this summer! Subscribe to my channel for more of these tutorials! Thanks and see you in another blog!.

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