Acrylic Nails Santa S Hat Mrs Clause Nail Design Youtube Santa Hat Nail Design
Acrylic Nails Santa S Hat Mrs Clause Nail Design Youtube Santa Hat Nail Design

Amazing Santa Hat Nail Design

We’re going to do another Christmas design. The base of the nail is going to be a simple glitter tip, and then we’re going to do a 3D Santa on top. This nail’s already been tipped and prepped so if you’re not sure take a look back at those sites now.

So, we’re just using blush pink an an iridescent glitter We’re just going to do a thin later of iridescent glitter onto the tip and then cap the whole nail in blush pink. Let that nail set a little bit and then we’re going to pinch. This nail’s now been pinched and it’s ready to file. Get rid of all your dust and then this nail’s ready for gel top coat. Then get your client to pop her finger into the lamp for two minutes. So, that gel’s now set and we’re going to do our 3D Santa on top. We’re going to start with his face so pick a nice skin tone. Whenever you’re doing 3D don’t forget ti take the liquid out of the bead. Next, we’re going to start to build up the contours of his face We’re going to add him a nose on. If you’re wanting to mold your acrylic, let it set a little bit before your start playing with it. Then we’re going to add him some nice, jolly, cheeks. The next stage is to start his hat so we’re using a nice bright red. We’re now going to start to add the fur to the hat. We’re using Mega White for this. Once that acrylic’s started setting then you can make it look more textured by pressing your brush into it using the point. We’re going to add a little bit of glitter to his hat. The next stage is to start adding his beard so again we’re using Mega White. Again let that acrylic set a little bit before you start pulling the hair lines through. Next stage is his moustache. We need to make him look like he’s been out in the snow so he’s a little bit cold so we need to make his cheeks quite rosy and his nose quite rosy. So what we’re going to do is use our red acrylic a little bit more like a paint: picking up a tiny amount, placing it on and then wiping it back off. What that’ll do is just stain that area for you. We’re just going to put him a little mouth in now, just underneath his nose. wait for that acrylic to set and then we’re going to put a little hole into it. That creates his lips. The next stage is we’re going to make his eyes out of acrylic paint. So, just a small amount of black acrylic paint on a really nice fine-detail brush Put a little bit of black into his mouth to make it look more shadowed. And then we’re going to finish off by putting his eyebrows on. Now we don’t want that paint section to come off when the client washes her hands so you need to put a little bit of brush-on resin just where you’ve put you’re acrylic paint. And also, just put a little bit over the top of your red glitter to make that bit shiny. let that glue set and then put a little bit of cuticle oil on. That’s your 3D Santa done. .

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