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Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and this is. . .

Allycia: Allycia Meakin. Kirsty: This is Allycia, my gorgeous 12-year old and we are going to do “How easy is it to follow Kirsty Meakin?” Allycia: Oh yeah! I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy. Kirsty: Well, we’ll soon see. So shall we get started? Allycia: Yeah! Kirsty: So, I’ve got a nail tip, yeah. Allycia: You do have. Kirsty: And we’re gonna put two coats of this colour in, which is called Devil’s Shadow. How perfect for you? Allycia: Well, you’re no perfect angel either. Kirsty: The abuse. . . Kirsty: You’re right. Okay! Allycia: If devil is perfect, well, Jesus is perfect. I think Jesus is not even perfect. . . because he threw everybody out of the temple and kicked everything over and made the place look like a tip. Kirsty: Oh! It sounds like you and your bedroom. Kirsty: So, we’re gonna do two coats of colour, yeah. Allycia: Yeah! Kirsty: So, I’ll let you do yours and then we’re gonna put it in the lamp. Kirsty: See how you go. You can always add more to your brush, can’t you? So, you need more. So, try not to bend the brush as much, try float over it a little bit better. Allycia: I’m painting it. Kirsty: No, no, no! It’s like this instead of. . . don’t go like, Kirsty: Come low and float. That’s it. Adam: Like a butterfly. Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: I want away from this nightmare Kirsty: And you might want to just rest your finger on your other finger. Kirsty: Just rest your arm on the table. Yeah Kirsty: There we are. You’re gonna do two coats. So, once you’re happy, you can pop that in the lamp. Allycia: For everybody reading this, I know you’re thinking I’m terrible and I am. Kirsty: You’re 12 years old. You’re doing a great job Allycia: Give me the criticism in the comments, please.

Kirsty: Alright! You gonna put that in the lamp, yeah? Allycia: It’s a mess. Kirsty: You’re gonna do two coats, so I reckon it’ll be alright after your second coat. Allycia: My first step is to get the topcoat. Kirsty: And then apply the topcoat. Allycia: Jinx, touch wood. Allycia: We’re already touching wood. Kirsty: The table’s wood. Kirsty: Are you ready? You reading? Kirsty: Floating through gently. Allycia: That’s what I was doing. Kirsty: I’m just showing you the technique, yeah. Allycia: Done the first half and you’re still really hard to follow. Kirsty: You’re doing well, I think. Allycia: Like I’m doing worse than a cat playing a piano. Kirsty: More product on your brush, babe, more product. Kirsty: And I think you’re definitely doing better than a cat playing piano. Adam: Yeah, they don’t do that very well. Allycia: Yeah, they do. Kirsty: More product so you’re dragging it too. . . can you see how you leave the lines? You’re leaving lines in it. Go on use it. No! let it drip. Let it drip on that nail. Float it at a lower angle. Kirsty: You’re doing really well. Kirsty: That’s it. Until you think it’s smooth enough. You wanna drag down this side as well, just to smooth that out, yeah. Allycia: I can see a line. Kirsty: Float it then, float it. Kirsty: Let me see it. Touch and quick. Quick and floaty. Allycia: Quick? You were doing it slow before. Kirsty: Quick and floaty. Kirsty: Much better. Right! Put that in the lamp. Kirsty: And now for the exciting bit. We’re gonna put some of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution into the Dampen Dish, and that’s what we’re gonna clean our brush with. This product will. . . Allycia: Not set? Kirsty: Exactly! It won’t set while you’re making it. . . Allycia: Is it like the nail thing that we use? I’m unsure. It’s in there. Kirsty: Yeah, it is. Yeah. Allycia: We used them for my nails. Kirsty: So, we’re gonna start from the outside and we’re gonna scoop a small amount of it out like that. Then I’m gonna scrape it on. Doesn’t matter how it looks when you scrape it on. Allycia: Weird Kirsty: We’re gonna go into the dish Allycia: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Don’t want it sat like, completely dripping, you just want to go in, tap tap, yeah. Allycia: Mm-hmm Kirsty: Then, Kirsty: . . . we’re gonna pull it into a. . . what shape do you think this is gonna be? Allycia: Rainbow. Kirsty: A what? Allycia: Rainbow. Kirsty: I supposed so. It’s like a croissant, I think. Allycia: Rainbow. Kirsty: So, you’ve got a rainbow or a croissant, whatever you want to call it, yeah. Allycia: Rainbow. Kirsty: Okay! Kirsty: And then, see the angle of my brush. Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: See the top end of it is up a little bit. Kirsty: Can you see how the brush bends when I press it? Allycia: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: It’s very important because it will make this part thinner and this part thicker and that’s what you want. Kirsty: Be wary of when you press this product, it will move backwards, yeah. Allycia: Don’t want it coming off the nail. Kirsty: Yeah, so be aware when you put it on and before you start to press it, make sure that it’s in the right place, yeah. Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: And then if you it starts getting like a residue on the nail, just go into the solution here, Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, and just start cleaning that up. Allycia: Yeah! Kirsty: Then we’re gonna cure that first one. Kirsty: There’s your brush. Allycia: Okay! I got this. Kirsty: You got this girl, you’ve got it. Allycia: Totally. Allycia: Is that enough? Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: I think I’m gonna put it on there. Kirsty: Scrape that on, yeah. Kirsty: Fantastic! Allycia: That’s already in almost the right position. Kirsty: It is, yeah. It is. Allycia: Is that good there? Kirsty: Mm-hmm. Kirsty: So, first of all, you don’t wanna press it straight away You wanna make that shape, don’t you? Kirsty: So, you may wanna. . . Adam: Make a rainbow shape. Kirsty: Yeah. And then you can start to press it. Perfect. I wonder if people read the sites, and as they do the nails at the same time as reading the sites, so they’re like, “stop it” Adam: I think some people do, you know. Kirsty: Yes, they read it and then they stop. Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: And then they do bit and then they’ll play and then stop and then do that bit. You know what I mean? Allycia: That’s what I do with tutorials. Kirsty: Do you? Allycia: Oh no! It’s catching all the lines. Kirsty: That’s what it’s supposed to do. Do you see? Allycia: I told you so. Kirsty: I’d just bring this bit round a little bit more. Allycia: Does that look good? Kirsty: I am pretty impressed with that. Kirsty: So, now clean your brush and then just clean this residue off the nail. Allycia: Oh my! How much residue? Kirsty: So, you clean it and then wipe it off and then you go in here and again, yeah. Allycia: Do that? Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Then you clean your brush and I think that’ll do. That is fantastic, Allycia. Pop it in the lamp. Allycia: Look at that, peeps. Adam: Boom! Allycia: Look at that, peeps. Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Pop it in the lamp. Kirsty: While that’s in the lamp, I’m gonna show you the next bit. Allycia: More? Kirsty: You’re gonna pick up another piece, similar size. Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: Scrape it off and then. . . Allycia: Same again. Kirsty: Same again but with this petal. Allycia: Make it overlap. Kirsty: Correct! Allycia: Correctamundo. Kirsty: You’ve been reading my sites? Allycia: totally wasn’t revising for this because I didn’t want to feel like a total idiot. Allycia: Actually, I wasn’t. Kirsty: Right! Okay, so I’ve made my little croissanty shape, yeah. Allycia: Rainbow. Kirsty: Rainbow shape. Kirsty: And then, can you see how it’s closer to the middle? Allycia: Yeah. . . Kirsty: Because what. . . Allycia: . . . but it’s not close to the actual nail part. Kirsty: But what’s gonna happen when I press it? Allycia: I can’t tell, but it won’t go further up, will it? Kirsty: Yeah, because I can keep pressing it. Kirsty: . . . so we get a nice overlap here, yeah? and then, I can press this and move it back and as you move it back by pressing it, it makes it all nice and feathered in the middle. So, it makes it nice and thin towards the center. Allycia: That bit’s really thin, there. Kirsty: Yeah I like that because what does it add to it? Allycia: Definition. Kirsty: Yes, it adds definition. Allycia: I got this in the bag, boy Kirsty: You got it in the bag. Allycia: Boy. Kirsty: Okay! So, now I’m gonna cure that one. Allycia: That’s the way. Kirsty: Right? Allycia: That’s Kirsty: So, you’re gonna take the 3D Sculpting Gel. That’s it, enough to do your petal. Kirsty: Brilliant! Allycia: It’s too thin isn’t it? Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: Leave that on your brush. Allycia: It’s not going in the right place, is it? Kirsty: So, what you’ve gotta do is get your brush. . . Kirsty: . . . don’t look at me, babe. Not on camera, come on. Hold it together. Drag it back and you just press hard, it’ll make it bend one point back, yeah. Allycia: Yeah. Allycia: Done. Kirsty: Yeah, happy? Allycia: I think. Kirsty: Clean your brush once you’re getting. . . you’re sticking to it a little more. Allycia: Right! Done. Kirsty: Yeah, happy? Allycia: Yeah. Positive. Kirsty: Right! Pop that in the lamp. Kirsty: Right! I’ll show you this next bit. So, we’re gonna connect these two together now. Allycia: Don’t you have to do. . . Kirsty: Huh? Allycia: But don’t you have to do. . . Kirsty: By that, I mean they’re gonna overlap. Allycia: I don’t understand. I thought. . . Kirsty: So, that’s gonna overlap there and that’s gonna overlap there. So, you’re making that kind of circle. Yeah? Allycia: Yeah. Allycia: Knock on wood. Crunch. Kirsty: This one. . . Allycia: It’s so beautiful. Kirsty: . . . I’m gonna pull. Allycia: It’s so beautiful. Kirsty: You like it? I’m gonna make this one come down a little bit. Allycia: Why are you so talented? Allycia: I’m talented. Kirsty: You are talented. Allycia: Wait! From the next petal will it go like there but it’s gonna be a bit smaller and come up a bit? Kirsty: Okay! I’ve done a slightly different shape, so it’s not so circular. This will make it more realistic. Kirsty: That’s brilliant. Allycia: Now, I’m gonna. . . I don’t think it’s gonna. . . Kirsty: It will. Allycia: . . . connect. . . Kirsty: It will. Allycia: . . . because it’s too that way. Kirsty: Promise you. It will. Allycia: There? Kirsty: Because, you’re gonna do a shape like this, aren’t you? Kirsty: That’ll connect into your other petals. Allycia: It’s not coming off. Allycia: It’s gone a weird way and now it looks so really weird. Damn! Kirsty: Just scrape it up like that. You’re scraping this. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. Allycia: Why? Kirsty: Because you’re gonna move it around now with your brush, aren’t you? Allycia: Yes! Kirsty: So, can you see the shape? So, this is the one you’re doing here, yeah. Allycia: Okay, let’s try that shape. Allycia: Time to fail. Kirsty: Don’t be too soft with it. Boss it about. Kirsty: Make it do what you want it to do. Allycia: But it won’t. Kirsty: It will. Allycia: It’s like sailing into the wind. Kirsty: It’s like sailing into the wind? Allycia: Yeah, it’s because you have to go that way. Allycia & Kirsty: And that way and that way! Allycia: You can’t go straight into the wind, it’s gonna make you go backwards. You cannot make it do what you want. Kirsty: You can. You can make it do what you want. Allycia: Sailing to the direction of the wind. Awkward silence. . . Sponsored by Kellogg’s cereal. Allycia: Alright! So, you said boss it about, right? Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Allycia: Right! You listen here, you will do as I say. You don’t, I shall whack you with this brush. You hear me? Allycia: Is that bossing it right? Kirsty: Yeah! Can you put it down here, this one, so Adam can actually see it. Allycia: And now, it’s not gonna reach there. Is it? Kirsty: It is because you’re just gonna do this. Allycia: Oh my! How are you so. . . Kirsty: Just really shove it where you want it, yeah. Allycia: You shove it like. . . Kirsty: Yeah! So, you’re gonna bring this around. Kirsty: Go on, you do it. I’ve done you that side. I’m not doing it all for you. Allycia: Aaah! Kirsty: Oh my God! That looks amazing. Kirsty: That’s pretty good, ain’t it, Ad? Adam: Certainly is. Kirsty: Very good that is, Allycia. Kirsty: That’s beautiful, Allycia. You’re doing so well. Allycia: Are you sure? Kirsty: Yeah! Just clean up your residue. Allycia: Do you think I’ll get any comment saying, “oh, she’s so talented”? Kirsty: Hopefully. Kirsty: “You didn’t tell us your daughter was so talented. ” Allycia: At doing nails, just like you. She’s a mommy’s girl. Allycia: But I can only be a mommy’s girl. Allycia: That’s okay. Kirsty: Right! Kirsty: Next one. Allycia: Next one. Kirsty: Slightly smaller amount. Allycia: Like this small? Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: Mmm! Kirsty: You see how if I scrape that off, it almost looks like a petal, already, doesn’t it? So, its. . . pull it into that round shape and then, we’re gonna cross over here. Kirsty: You’re looking? Allycia: Paying attention. Kirsty: And the height of the brush gets a little bit higher now. Allycia: That’s why you need it a more vertical but not completely vertical petal. Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: And you can see how Kirsty: . . . I’ve kicked that one slightly, as if it’s going underneath. Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: This one’s coming over the top, yeah. Kirsty: Yeah, that makes sense? Allycia: Yeah! Kirsty: So, let’s cure this. Get yours out of the lamp now. Kirsty: You’re gonna go from. . . are you reading? From here, round and then just go over the top of this one instead. Allycia: How do I go there? Kirsty: From here. Are you reading? from here, round to there. Allycia: All the way around? yours doesn’t go all the way round. Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: All the way around. Kirsty: Not too big. Allycia: I’m trying to make it small. Kirsty: Yeah, and scrape it off like this. Kirsty: Yeah? Allycia: About time. Allycia: Must do this with precision. Kirsty: Pressure. Allycia: I can’t get it out my brush. Kirsty: Right! Allycia: I’m so bad at this. Kirsty: Overlap here actually, so you’re gonna press and drag. Yeah? Allycia: How do you do it with such precise precision? Precision. Adam: Practice. Allycia: Precise precision. Kirsty: So, actually, we changed it, didn’t we? So, we’re gonna overlap these and you just gonna come around here, around them. Allycia: So much work to do then. Kirsty: If you want the edges strong, all you need to do is just sweep underneath it. Kirsty: The next bit. You scooped it right on the end? That’s a little bit big. I’m gonna scoop a little bit of it off, yeah. Kirsty: And I’m gonna come here. You reading? Allycia: Oh, I was gonna read on there. Kirsty: Are you ready? Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: Press it down, drag it off. Kirsty: Yeah? Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: Gives you that shape already. Allycia: I’m reading on the screens. Allycia: Precise precision. Kirsty: And we’re gonna make this go Allycia: Up Kirsty: . . . around here and go slightly under this one. Kirsty: So, we’re going under this one, yeah. Allycia: Okay. Kirsty: See how this one just kicks underneath a little bit. Creates the illusion that it’s coming around and going underneath. Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: We’re gonna pop that in the lamp. Kirsty: We need tp get it, so it’s not going as far. Way too far, ain’t it, yeah. And you can start to. . . Don’t make it merge into the other one. Keep that edge. So, you need to pull it down, so you can then do that. Try not over bounce on it. Don’t go like that. Now, that one is curing, I’m gonna show you how to do the final center part. Allycia: Oh! Kirsty: You ready? Allycia: No! Kirsty: So, you’ve got your. . . Allycia: That’s too big of a piece. Kirsty: I think it is actually. I think you’re right. Kirsty: There we are. Allycia: I’m always right. Kirsty: Put it on and scrape, yep. So, what we’re gonna do with this part is, we’re connecting to this previous petal. You get rid of that. Kirsty: So, you can see how we made it connect there and then we’re gonna come around like that. Round, you keep sweeping it round. And then, we’re using the very tip of the brush. Kirsty: And look how high the brush is, the angle’s very high, isn’t it? Allycia: Almost 90 Degrees. Kirsty: Alright! Can you see what I’ve done? A nice center. Allycia: Is that big enough? Kirsty: No, that’s fine. Kirsty: And no no no, spin it around, round, round. Kirsty: The pressure that I used while you were holding it, yeah. Allycia: No, I totally did. Not lying just for the site. Kirsty: Boss it about. Boss it. Boss, boss! Kirsty: Pop it in the lamp. Kirsty: And I’m just gonna show you how we put stones on. Allycia: Putting your stone in the middle? Kirsty: Right! No. I’m gonna put like a little sausage of Kirsty: . . . the It’s Clear Dear. Allycia: It’s Clear Dear. Kirsty: Which is from the AcryGel collection. Allycia: Mm-hmm. Kirsty: So, you can see how that’s there. Little slither. . . Kirsty: and then. . . Kirsty: I’m gonna go up to the flower and put the topcoat on. Kirsty: Get your stones now. Allycia: Yeah. Kirsty: And sink them in, so you’re squishing them into the gel. Kirsty: So, you’ve got the Clear. Kirsty: There’s your slicer. Allycia: This one. Allycia: This side, right? Kirsty: Yeah! Any side. Doesn’t really matter. They’re both slicers. Allycia: Is that too much. Pea-size. Kirsty: That’ll do, yeah. Kirsty: Don’t bring it so across, bring it, sort of sweeping down, yeah. Flatten it out like, flatten it out a little bit more with your brush, make it a bit more seamless. Kirsty: Like this. . . Allycia: Oh my! How much? Kirsty: Do it. Go on. Allycia: Where do I do it? Kirsty: Don’t get it on the flower, just around the edge. Kirsty: Now, you’re gonna put your stones on. Allycia: And as if by magic. Kirsty: So, this one is mine, this one is Allycia’s. Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Well, I’m telling you. I think that’s absolutely brilliant, Alyssia. Adam: I like hers because it’s a lot more vibrant than yours. Adam: The colour, the red. Kirsty: It is, to be fair. Allycia: Because I think I’ve done it thicker, that’s why. Kirsty: It is slightly thicker, so it’s more vibrant. Yes, you right. Allycia: One is very vibrant and young. Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: Me. Kirsty: Yeah. Allycia: One is very. . . Adam: Old and wilted. Allyica: old and dull. Kirsty: And dull? Oh well, thank you very much. I’m dull. Kirsty: So, there you are guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that site. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. I would love your opinion on this site. So, please comment below, whose is the best? Do you know what? I think she’s done an amazing job. I think she found it really easy to follow. So, I hope you guys find it easy to follow as well. I’ll see you in the next site. Bye-bye! Allycia: Bye! Allycia: Women are scared of what men forget and men are scared of what women remember. Kirsty: Where did that random comment come from? Allycia: Quoted from Albert Einstein. Kirsty: Is it? Allycia: I think so. .

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