150 Trendy Acrylic Nails Designs 2018 Pinterest Acrylic Nail Acrylic Nail Designs 2018
150 Trendy Acrylic Nails Designs 2018 Pinterest Acrylic Nail Acrylic Nail Designs 2018

49 Easy Acrylic Nail Designs 2018

I’ve been using the brainpower again to get creative. I thought of an idea and we’re going to use hair grips and nails. Hair grips and nails to create the design.

So, I’m gonna use max adhesion. I don’t want everything to settle too quickly. I need to pick up quite a big bead, so I need a bigger brush. We’re gonna use Mega-white. Som a nice big bead of Mega white, opps, what’s that there. I’m gonna drag this down the nail. I’m gonna feather it off at the end, so blend it at the end because I don’t want that thick, I want it quite thin because we’re gonna pop some glitter there. So, if you are doing this on a person. . . obviously, using the tip today just to make things a little bit easier, you would prep that natural nail. You need to fit a sculpting form or you would use a tip. The most important part of this is getting this white nice and neat but thickness needs to be towards the back two-thirds of the nail, so it’s quite thin here. And once that starts to go a little bit matte, we are going to use the pins. We’ve got like. . . I think these are called Bobby pins and hair grips. Don’t ask why they’re called Bobby pins. Adam: Somebody I know who’s American, posted that on facebook yesterday saying, “What are Bobby pins called in the UK?” And it was hair grips. About the second time we’ve heard that in two days. Kirsty: Yes! Kirsty: They are just the same thing really. Bobby pin, hair grip, same kind of things. Lots of different types out there. Different thicknesses, different shapes, so have a play with this idea. So, what we’re gonna do is you use the metal to press into the acrylic. You gonna press that in to create a shape. Make sure you sort of rock it. To create those angles, you need to cover the angles with it. Let’s use this one now here to create different shape. Ooh, I like that one. So, create your own little pattern and then I’m gonna use coloured acrylic and we’re gonna have Fantastic Fuchsia, Purple Grape, Twilight Dust and Shocking Yellow. Shocking, it is! And we’ll also use Pure black as well. Gonna take all the lids off because I don’t want to take too much time between picking up each bead. I’ll do my Shocking Yellow first. I’m gonna push that into that gap that we’ve created. And then, I’m gonna pick. .

. what colour should we have? Let’s get Fantastic Fuchsia. You’ve gotta do it quite wet so it sits inside and then, also pat and press it in. I’ve got this nice blue, same with that. Do not worry about the fact that it’s sitting over the top because you can file that away. Black. Then I’m gonna put a little bit more of the pink , Fantastic Fuchsia at the bottom. Gonna let that set. While that’s setting, I’m gonna put all the lids back on. I don’t want to knock them over and I wanna file. I don’t want the dust from the filing to go into the pots either. So, once it’s dry, you’re gonna file over. You’re gonna take away the excess and it’ll reveal the shapes that we’ve created and it’ll be so sharp and neat. Can you see why you don’t need to worry about being too messy with it? I am gonna go over with the soft file just to refine this a little bit more and this will kind of double-check that we’ve got everything nice and smooth. So, don’t forget we left this area nice and thin because we’re going to put glitter on. And I’ve got Hot Pink Glitter-mini, Lemon Sorbet Glitter Dust and Purple Haze Glitter Dust. Gonna use those. Alright! So, pick up a little bead of Clear Acrylic. I’m gonna pop it into Purple Haze. Like that. Touch the Purple Haze again and we gonna add more because you can never have enough glitter. Clean your brush off. Now, we’re gonna go into the pink the same way. You’re gonna slightly overlap the colours. Drag down, then into the Lemon Sorbet. I think they are a beautiful combination of colours. So, this could be your accent nail. You could even have a nail that was just with these colours. So, it’s just like an Ombre and this could be your accent nail where you could have solid glitter or like a solid black or white. I’m gonna put the lids on these because we don’t wanna knock them off. Alright! What I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna re-wet this section and what that’ll do is, because we filed it and it’s completely set, you want to re-wet it because we’re gonna encapsulate with Clear and it’ll help the Clear Acrylic stick to the set acrylic. Make sure you encapsulate the glitter at the bottom. Once that’s set, we’re gonna file it and topcoat it and you’ll see the beautiful design. I like it, it’s very pretty. So, there you are. That’s it finished with the top coat on. We use the Urban Graffiti Topcoat. You can use Mega Gloss as well on this design because it’s acrylic. It’s whatever you really want to use. So, there you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that website, how to use a Bobby Pin or hair-grip to create a design. How cool is that? All the products I’ve used today will be listed below. Obviously, I’m sure you can supply your own Bobby pins or hair-grips. You know, ready available at any local chemist. Like Boots the chemist or Walmart or you know, Green. . . Adam: Giant. Kirsty: No. Adam: No, that’s for like CORN ON THE COB Kirsty: What’s it called? Walgreens or CVS. Adam: Hmm. Kirsty: So, I’m getting down with it now, you know? Adam: You did spend a lot of time in. . . Kirsty: In America. . . Adam: . . . pharmacies in America. Kirsty: Yeah. Pharmacies in America are far better than here because they pretty much sell everything. Adam: Right! Kirsty: You could do like, your weekly shop there. Honestly, they sell everything that you want. It’s amazing. I love them. Adam: Yeah! You only need a pharmacy for one thing. Kirsty: Yeah, but the pharmacy does everything. Adam: Alright okay Kirsty: I don’t know why but I loved it. I love love love America for one. . . that’s one of the reasons anyway. So, yeah! Keep reading, guys. Please, keep reading because the only reason we can provide you with these websites is because you guys read us. So, I’ll see you in the next website. Bye bye! I’ve been using the brainpower again to get creative. I thought of an idea. . . .

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